Lin Ze burst into condescension and wanted to protest very much, but Lin Tianqi didn’t give him a chance, but with a wave of his hand, two assume to carry Lin Ze into the house for a complicated dressing process …

Lin Ze has never felt that dressing is so torturous. The sleeves should be folded several times. How should the buttons be buckled? How should the pants be folded? How should all kinds of complicated requirements be straightened? He is about to collapse!
He is just like a doll, and they play with him by themselves.
Five minutes later, it’s finally over!
Lin Ze took a deep breath at the door and walked out of the room dressed in a dark blue aristocratic ceremony.
Everyone’s eyes lit up.
His thin figure actually propped up the gift well, and his snow-white skin set off the mysterious dark blue curly hair that blew in the wind.
At this time, the original delicate and pretty face is particularly attractive …
"I really didn’t see it before Azeri!"
Lin Tianji wowed at a side with a little modification. Linze was two different things.
"Brother is so handsome, isn’t it, sister Xiao Er!"
Blue eyes flashing staring at Lin Ze also asked the same stay MuXiao.
Mu Xiao paused for a moment and nodded unnaturally and said, "Well, it’s handsome!"
Clothes make the man. Lin Ze gives people a natural aristocratic temperament at this time, and he still reveals his breath. If he holds a word in his hand, he is really like a learned scholar.
Is this the bard?
And Lin Ze is a face of wry smile to tell the truth this gift is really uncomfortable! He still prefers fighting clothes like samurai and hunting clothes.
"Can I change my adoptive father back?"
Lin Ze is making a final struggle, but Lin Tianqi really ignores it and looks up at the sky as if he didn’t hear him at all.
"The family is coming!"
A guy in red came running from the corner.
Hearing the sound, people waiting at the door are straight, and Lin Ze is no longer entangled in dressing! Now they represent the Lins’ face.
Green double listen to shadow colt horseshoe slightly back to hide behind Lin Ze revealing half a body, hands clasped Lin Ze left arm this big scene she had never seen before.
Muxiao is also slightly backward and Lin Ze is half-length. Everyone will highlight Lin Ze. He is the real host of this reception.
Horseshoe is getting closer …
The people who came to the arashi family to celebrate their birthday finally appeared on the street corner. Two rows of shadows marched in an orderly way, and the flag of Arashi House was hunting with the wind. Wearing a Tsing Yi warrior, Arashi Qin and Arashi Mu took the lead as if a gust of wind had blown through Arashi House, and the troops had arrived at the Lins’ gate.
Lin Lang ancient incense sleeve is not present Lin Tianji and don’t care about these things! The Lins’ alliance was greeted by a wooden inquiry.
"Lan Keqing has worked hard all the way!"
They may not know themselves, but he has long heard of the fame of the two great guests in Lanfu.
"Who are you?"
The middle-aged man with short hair on the left saw Muxun say hello. He glanced at him and didn’t know who he was!
Wood for a face of embarrassment to continue to explain, "I’m wood every main wood for Lin Ze to meet haze home guests".
"Wood for? Never heard of it. "
Lan Mu, a middle-aged man with short hair, shook his head after a little thinking and still sat in the shadow colt and didn’t come.
Lin Ze’s eyes narrowed slightly. This is a demonstration. Now that you have arrived at the Lins’ gate, you still don’t have a commanding mount. Isn’t it great?
"The second brother is not polite!"

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