Duncan followed the horse back and stood in front of Yao and stopped Yao again.

Yao’s central foot was stuck and he didn’t hit it hard, so he just threw the ball to Du Feng on the outside.
After Du Feng caught the ball, Ji didn’t stop. After Yao regained his position, he threw the ball in directly.
Yao caught the ball for the second time. This time, he didn’t choose to play hard. First, he made a feint, turned left and experienced Duncan didn’t suffer, but then he made a right turn and leaned back.
Even if the defense is as strong as Duncan, there is no way out. If Yao is so high and he leans back, the root just can’t take this move. The defense is as difficult as Nowitzki’s golden rooster independence. Unless it is blocked at the back, the root is legal defense.
The ball crossed an arc and flew from Duncan to the basket.
"Shua"-Yao China scored 2 points.
"beautiful! Yao Wei China scored the first point. Good Yao! " Yu Jia, the live room of the Central Sports Channel, couldn’t help but shout excitedly when he saw that the China team took the lead in scoring.
"The choice of this ball is very good. Yao didn’t choose to play hard when facing Duncan, but gave the ball to the outside line. Du Feng was not impatient, but once again gave the ball to Yao Yao, knowing where his advantage lies, and then turned around and threw it back. How do you say this ball? The players of China team performed very well and played very reasonably." Zhang Weiping said a series of comments when he saw the performance of China team.
Yao’s first goal not only excited China fans, but also had little impact on both sides, whether they were coaches or players. The two sides were still playing step by step.
The United States attacked Anthony and coordinated outside the three-point line. Then LeOdom picked and hit the line. After breaking through the route, he saw Wade cut and hit the ball directly. Then Wang Zhizhi defense appeared in front of him.
Wade saw that Wang Zhizhi’s defense directly changed to basket throwing and throwing, which was his best offensive way and he was most sure of it. He was very sure of the ball
The ball flew out of Wade’s hand and headed for the basket.
However, just before the basket flew to the highest point, a big hand suddenly appeared on the ball and then slammed it.
A hot pot has a big head. Yao blocked Wade’s throw!
Wade was a little confused, blocked the ball and bounced directly to him, and then rolled to China team player Zhu Fangyu, arguing that Zhu Fangyu took the ball and rushed forward directly, but now Iverson had quickly grabbed it in front of him and reached for it. Seeing that the ball was about to be broken, Zhu Fangyu bumped directly and threw it to the right side. Wei Liu Wei Liu controlled the ball and quickly killed it to the backcourt of the US team.
Anthony has quickly retired from defending Wei Liu after the ball. Although Anthony is fast, he is not slow. Both of them returned to the US team at half-time almost at the same time. Wei Liu grabbed Anthony’s defense and hit the board directly.
To say that Wei Liu is the strongest point guard in China in Yao era is a shame. At the peak, he used to play point guard in the Kings’ summer league, and almost stayed here. It is already a great achievement for Asians, and the strength is naturally there.
But this strength is obviously worse in front of Anthony.
Anthony is still a long way from Wei Liu at the moment, but when Wei Liu jumped up, he jumped up directly. When Wei Liu shot, he glided to Wei Liu square to meet him and the ball fanned directly towards the basket.
A muffled ball was directly fanned to the backboard by Anthony, and Anthony gave it to Wei Liu with a rude hat fan.
The fans at the scene were in an uproar. This defense is too domineering!
Anthony fanned the shot block and followed the ball to the ground, then quickly regained the ball and killed it in the frontcourt.
At this time, the players of both sides haven’t re-settled. Anthony directly broke through the line in China’s unstable defense. Du Feng almost crushed three big strides to meet the defense, which was a powerful one-handed split.
Another muffled sound, Anthony’s defensive and offensive one-stop train directly completed this offensive and defensive conversion.
"Cameron? Anthony! "
The live commentator shouted Anthony’s name, which has been resounded in this arena many times since the knockout stage, and once again let Europeans see the strength of this new mvp.
"Melo is very strong!" Zhang Weiping, the live studio of the Central Sports Channel, saw Anthony’s unreasonable attack and forgot to say his mantra for a while, but praised Anthony directly.
Anthony didn’t show too much excitement after dunking. From the first two rounds, China’s competitive state was not bad at all.
After China’s attack fell to the ground, the ball was Zhu Fangyu this time. Although he gave a high lob to the line at a much worse angle than Liu Wei’s ball, Yao finally caught the ball. He didn’t do anything and ended the attack with a small hook. What else did Duncan do this time? Yao scored.
Duncan saw that Yao scored a goal, but he didn’t play as a center, and the opponent was a player half a head taller than Yao, who also liked to hook and lean back. It was a headache for him to defend.
Looking back, the U.S. team attacked Iverson once, and then hit the iron rebound and was taken by Wang Zhizhi.
China’s attack is still on Yao’s point, which Odom made up for directly after Yao caught the ball.
Anthony is defending outside at the moment. After seeing Odom move, he was suddenly surprised. Odom actually claimed to attack Yao without coach’s tactical arrangement. He even came to Yao’s mouth. A direct ball has been given to the outside Wang Zhizhi.
The bottom corner position of Wang Zhizhi is the most comfortable point. Before the Nuggets, he didn’t know how many three-pointers he had made in this position. Now he doesn’t hesitate to catch the ball and make a decisive move.
"About three chances!" Yu Jia has shouted out in the explanation room
The ball crossed a backspin arc in the middle and flew straight to the basket.
Anthony knew that the ball must be there when he saw Wang Zhizhi’s hand.
A crisp Wang Zhizhi hit the three-pointer easily.
"Good job!" Yu Jia is more excited in the explanation room.
"Haha, this ball is very reasonable and reasonable!" Zhang Weiping also laughed and said.
China was beyond everyone’s expectation, including Anthony. China beat the United States 7-2.
Coach Brown on the sidelines couldn’t watch it anymore, so he called a timeout.
The players of the American team looked at the score in frustration and then all bowed their heads and returned to the bench. In the hearts of most people in the American team, it was luck that China was able to play until now, but I didn’t expect to be severely beaten by the China team after one game.
Chapter two hundred and fifty-two The first section will win or lose.
"Where have you been vicious? ! This is where you are today? ! This is the knockout round, not the group round, nor your seven best-of-seven playoff games. If you don’t want to go back, give me some game energy! "
When Brown first came to the United States, it was a lion’s roar game, which really made him feel acceptable.
"Lamar, you follow up with Wang Zhizhi and don’t help defend Tim. I believe Tim can defend Yao," Brown continued to say directly to Odom.
Without waiting for Odom to answer, he turned to Duncan and said, "Tim, you need to find a physical confrontation that consumes Yao’s physical strength. China’s attack is all in him. This kind of play is very exhausting and he won’t be your opponent if you hit the back."
Duncan nodded his head, although his expression didn’t change much. By then, he could feel that he seemed to be holding back his strength.

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