"Damn it, is it that pointy-eared bastard again?" Thuram’s face is uglier than that of the old dwarf because he knows that dozens of people have died in that pointy-eared guy’s black dwarf.

"that’s that bastard damn drow j: ng spirit." se, the face of the old dwarf, was full of anger, because among the black dwarves killed by that guy, there were old dwarf brothers to be continued.
The first volume Chapter 133 Underground guests ()
Home decoration room moved things yesterday! It’s hard to have a rest today, and then I’m worried about where I’m going to sleep. It seems that even the bed will be torn down! Sad reminder ri! What is the decoration in winter! I’m going to have no sleep!
Asking for a ticket
When Chen Kai wakes up from his lethargy, his eyes are still the world in the game, but it is no longer a dark cave or a tomb full of black and white Se colors, but he is located in the big bed of Berkner Town Lord’s Mansion.
Covered with oversized velvet made by him from the top bunk shop, it is also from the top wooden bunk. For Chen Kai, the bed he sleeps in now is definitely much better than the so-called Simmons in reality, even if the price is only calculated, it is a world of difference.
Although Chen Kai prefers to invest money where it is most needed, for example, enough money to buy a big bed to equip the army, in the end hedonism triumphed over realism, or it came from the comparison of aristocrats, which forced Chen Kai to do these surface projects. Unless he is the poorest aristocrat, no baron would sleep in an ordinary wooden bed with the most ordinary cloth mattress at the same time. This is the common problem of Hans Court, an imperial aristocrat, and that is the luxury wind because of too much material.
Even the thrifty military aristocratic families are hard to maintain the past thrifty fashion when facing the cynicism of other nobles. So is Chen Kai, the most important Lord’s room in the Lord’s House. Even if Chen Kai wants to be thrifty, others will not allow it to be practical. Outsiders in the whole Lord’s House really can’t find any thrifty place to lay a huge cashmere carpet brought from Luohan Empire from the gate to the Lord’s Hall. The value of this carpet, which is 100 meters long, is more than 50,000 gold coins. Of course, Chen Kai only spent 500 gold coins to buy it, because it
The wall is covered with paintings that Chen Kai secretly brought out from Berkner Manor. They searched for other valuable artistic practices all the way. If the value of Lord Chen Kai’s mansion can be measured by art, then the value of those paintings is almost equal to half of Chen Kai’s territory. This is definitely a rich fortune, and the actual contribution of Chen Kai is only less than one percent but one thousandth of a gold coin, because most of these things are looted by Chen Kai. Whether it is from Mifez or Luohan Empire, Chen Kai has robbed by fire.
A successful jiān merchant is definitely not a businessman who follows the rules. It is the secret of jiān merchant to get rich. Chen Kai denies that he is a jiān merchant, but he does not object to looting by fire because Chen Kai is a temple professional and a professional player. The pursuit of wealth by professional players is definitely the first creed, because they live by games, but Chen Kai can’t sell all these arts, except for some arts from Luohan Empire, which can be turned into lords’ decorations due to problems in source. Chen Kai can be locked up.
When Chen Kai got out of bed with a cough, he saw that he was placed on the side and became very broken. Because of Chen Kai’s coma, this armor has been unable to enter the bronze armor box and can be placed beside Chen Kai’s bed. At the same time, Chen Kai’s giant sword is also leaning against the wall and shining brightly in the sun.
When Chen Kai stepped on the floor carpet with his feet, he found that he was still wrapped in gauze. Of course, these gauze were gone now, because after nearly three days of rest during the game, Chen Kai’s injury had already healed, but Chen Kai didn’t know what happened in the game during his coma for three days. Even outside the game, he was asleep.
However, from the current state, Llewellyn estimated that they should be safe from the earth, but Llewellyn didn’t know the final result. You know, when he fainted, he saw the demonized Baron Hasmov slowly get up, and he even saw that terrible khaki Se light coming out of Nibominas earthworm’s mouth.
However, when Chen Kai went to the Lord’s Hall, he hung his heart high and put it completely in the Lord’s Hall. Of course, this head was simply kept here because there was no way to deal with it for the time being. If someone was found to deal with it, it is estimated that Chen Kai would not see this earthworm head. From the crack in his head, Chen Kaike could see that this dragon head has been craned by people. It is very simple to get the magic crystal in the head. Of course, even if the skull has disappeared, it indicates that this monster is like being killed.
For Chen Kai, it’s not the earthworm head that surprises him, but another head not far away. If he is not mistaken, the head should be silvery white Se, and the head and hair are all like silver wires. What surprises Chen Kai most is that the silver head is bald or the Mediterranean is a white Se scalp because there is a circle around it. But on these scalps, Chen Kai sees a lot of patterns, not to mention tattoos. Because Chen Kai doesn’t recognize that no one will tattoo so densely, so J and jīng is like natural patterns.
In Llewellyn’s opinion, although the tattoo is beautiful, if the top of the head is covered with tattoos, it will give people a very strange feeling, but the other person’s forehead decoration is otherwise full of beauty. It is not that kind of special pigment that makes the tattoo feel. At the same time, Yan Se is not finished, but similar to the gold and silver phase Se. If you really want to say that the sāo package, you will doubt that the other person’s head is more sāo package than Llewellyn’s armor. Now Llewellyn seems to be so.
"Strange! I don’t remember buying such a big statue of silver Se head! " Chen Kai walked slowly towards the position of the silvery white Se head, because it was a matter of adding an angle in the living room. Chen Kai regarded the silvery white Se head as a statue, but when he approached, he found that the reality root was not like that. The silvery white Se head was not a statue, but a person. Of course, it was not a person because the height of the other person was definitely not average enough for ordinary humans. Although Thuram? Silver is a tall man among dwarves, but if you really want to calculate from his height, he is still not a pure hill dwarf, and his height is not qualified without his blood.
So this is the most tangled place of Thuram. He has always regarded himself as the purest hill dwarf. No matter how he eats, he can’t grow up. He can put himself in the ranks of silver dwarves and distinguish himself from the most authentic hill dwarves among the dwarves. After all, hill dwarves are different among the dwarves, and their height bases are all higher than those of ordinary dwarves. But Thuram is not as tall as ordinary dwarves. At the same time, he is also recognized as the purest silver dwarf among the whole black dwarves. Will Thuram be the future king of black dwarves? The most depressing thing about silver is its height.
Fortunately, in the battle, he had a special way to make himself tall and straight, and he didn’t reach the height of the little giant of the ordinary hill dwarf. Silver said that God Vain, in this state, Thuram’s height will suddenly rise from the height of ordinary dwarves to two meters, and his body’s silver-white Se muscle defense is comparable to that of alloy, and his strength will increase several times at the same time. In this state, Thuram is already a sacred place, and he can almost fight against low-level strange creatures in the field of immobility.
However, staying in Chenkai Castle, Thuram felt very depressed, because he suddenly felt like a hillbilly. Although the black dwarf has a very large city in Hansting, the lava city dwarves are underground, and a branch in Huguodi belongs to the silver ethnic branch of Kazakhrams, not a member of many dwarf tribes in Wang Ting, so it can be said that the black dwarf in Hansting belongs to a very small tribe, and of course, the combined population of the dwarf tribes is definitely over 100,000. Life is not very comfortable. Compared with the ground cousin, the underground black dwarf still lives in the era of the original ancient dwarf kingdom. A city is equal to a kingdom. The underground lava city is the black dwarf or the Kazakh Rams silver black dwarf, which is the king’s capital and the main living city.
Although Sulam? Silver is the successor of the future black dwarves in Lava City, but the whole Lava City is not decorated as much as Lord Chen Kai’s Mansion. You should know that the underground living materials are not very rich. The living range of the black dwarves in the underground of the Hansting Empire or the territory of Hugo is only less than two or three hundred kilometers. In this range, in addition to the more ferocious neighbors of Warcraft, there are those more ferocious underground black tauren and bastards who have been turned into sharp ears by Thuram. J: ng Spirit is evil. Of course, there is also a black dwarf lava city in Hugo, which is a black dwarf colony. After all, it is not
Of course, no one knows how many earth worlds there are in the whole game. Little lava city has a tunnel connecting another black dwarf city more than 1000 kilometers away, but it takes a few months to walk more than 1000 kilometers on the ground, and it takes at least a year or two to travel. The earth world tunnel is not as flat as the ground and easy to walk. Almost every communication needs blood to pave the way.
Thuram once went to Black Rock, a dwarf city in the northwest, and went to that city for three years. The number of times that he was attacked by those underground Warcraft alone was already countless. Those hostile black tauren and drow j: ng spirits took attacking black dwarves as a routine. Thuram? In the process of escorting the caravan, Silver became enemies with a strong Zall J: ng spirit. As a result, this hatred directly led to the killing of both sides in the past three years, and the number of people who died in each other’s hands has exceeded three figures. You know, in the underground world, where reproduction is very difficult, three-digit people died in each other’s hands. This is almost equivalent to the enemy of life and death, which is the same as the enemy of eternal life.
What, Thuram? Silver didn’t recognize that his life-and-death enemy caused the death and injury of his own people at the first time. The reason is very simple. The other party changed the weapon. You know, Thuram, the enemy, a strong man rarely changed his side weapon. At their level, it is difficult to change the weapon in his hand unless he encounters a very extreme weapon. The silver hammer was built by myself, of course, to build weapons for the future king of Lava City. The precious minerals in Lava City have been plundered. Therefore, the silver hammer in Thuram’s hand is the closest to the sacred weapon. The ten master black dwarf blacksmiths who built this hammer were almost not exhausted at the forging table. Even Thuram people rested for a full year after the weapon forging was completed, and the weapon in Thuram’s enemy’s hand was extremely sharp, otherwise it would be impossible not to fall into the wind during the three years of fighting with him.
But it happened that not long ago, the other party directly changed the weapon, which was very familiar with the other party’s weapon. Thuram was blind in an instant. In the past, Thuram knew whether he was an old enemy when he saw the wound, but when the other party changed the weapon, he was helpless. If it weren’t for the old dwarf, Thuram really knew how to kill Xu Fei with a hammer, instead of fidgeting like his ass caught fire. Grandma Liu entered the Grand View Garden as an image. Now Thuram is just like Grandma Liu at that time.
Of course, it’s not that Thuram’s knowledge is poor, but that he has been connected with the ground partition for nearly a thousand years. It’s really difficult for the underground black dwarves to connect the ground memory in their minds with the real situation. Although it will be a while before they lead the way, the lava city black dwarves can come to the ground. Maybe Thuram will not be surprised by seeing Lord Chen Kai’s mansion at that time, but Thuram’s surprise is not because of the value of these things, but that he has never seen the colorful decoration of Se.
In the dark world, the most decorative pigments are black Se and white Se, red Se, gold Se and silver Se, followed by Yan Se, but when he entered the ground world, he first saw a piece of green Se and then a piece of golden Se, which was a golden forest Se, and it was very rare in the underground world. Although the lava city was separated from the ground for nearly a thousand years, this does not mean that the world did not come from merchants on the ground. Of course, those merchants brought the most in the past, but since decades, the underground world lacked food. The former merchants from the surface were completely cut off because of the collapse of a certain passage. Therefore, the lava city in the world has not eaten food from the surface for decades. As a result, the staple food in the lava city has once again returned to the melody of potatoes, mushrooms and Warcraft meat. Even so, it is often not enough to eat.
When Xu Fei said that they came from the surface, including the old dwarves, all the black dwarves froze. When Xu Fei and his party came from underground human settlements, you should know that even in the underground world, there are not many human settlements. Some settlements are even older than dwarf cities in history, and some settlements have met human beings at the end of the last year. Of course, it is easier to get along with underground human beings. Selam directly regards Chen Kai as the enemy. Because it’s very simple, because the underground human name is very poor, and the basic robbery has done everything that underground human beings can do, even in lava city, underground human beings robbed several times less. In Thuram’s memory, he personally smashed the heads of three human robbers who robbed lava city.
But when Xu Fei and them said they were from the ground, Thuram? Silver’s first thought was that it was no longer his own family who died tragically, but the rice jar at home. Then he rubbed his belly and found that he was hungry behind. Let’s not talk about things. A group of people helped the black dwarves return to the ground. When they met the demonized soldiers on the road, everything was directly smashed to ashes by the strength terror Thuram. Of course, the so-called help to return to the ground was the wishful thinking of these black dwarves. If it was so easy to find the way to the ground, these black dwarves would have climbed out of the ground and lived in the sunshine like their cousins. As a result, the final line would Renhui and the Black Dwarf wandered around the underground world for nearly two days before they found their way to the surface, but when they came out, they were in another player’s territory, which was more than 20 kilometers away from Chen Kai’s Berkner town. During these two days, Chen Kai slept like a dead pig, which made others feel depressed in turn.
"Welcome to Berkner Town!" Chen Kai is very novel in the face of this silver dwarf. Of course, he is the most optimistic or the representative behind the other side means that the dwarves are the best blacksmiths in the world. If he can establish trade with the other city, then the development of Berkner Town will definitely take the expressway. It is estimated that Chen Kailian’s surrounding aborigines and nobles can be directly destroyed. Of course, the former may be realized, and the latter is purely yy, which has yet to be continued.
The first volume Chapter 134 Underground guests (in)
Theory such as Chen Kai wants to reach a trade relationship with these black dwarves, even if it is only to save each other’s lives, but the dwarves can definitely give Chen Kai more than just bringing him out of the earthly world. There are also dwarves who are J and jīng good weapons and powerful dwarf warriors.
Although the dwarf warrior is not necessarily stronger than the J: ng sharp soldier of the Hans Court Empire, the dwarf warrior in the first acre and three points in Hugo is definitely stronger than all the players in all the aboriginal lords. It’s just a Thuram with high-end fighting capacity. Silver can kill the high-end fighting power of most of the nobles in the territory of Hugo. Of course, if Chen Kai puts Thuram? Silver as * * * * * * * estimated moment the other party will put his hand hammer knock to ll forehead and then directly fall off.
Dwarves have a very direct temper. They can regard you as a friend, but before that, you regarded him as a friend. If you only use dwarves as tools for the benefit of the other party, it is estimated that being used as tools will be your own. Dwarves are born with very strange abilities. This halo power, which players call idiots, makes it easy for them to distinguish who is sincere and who is lying in language. It is a terrible soul to hide the humble appearance of dwarves.
Being able to cheat a dwarf’s letter directly by language makes the other party be dead set on your words. You estimate that this kind of person is right. O Only a psychic can judge a lie because of a dwarf, not by your tone of voice, but by relying directly on the soul. However, this kind of pure mental judgment idiot aura power has long since disappeared with the development of dwarf society, and players have only learned this special power from the historical records in the game. This kind of thing called sincere light is a special skill created by the dwarf sages in the past, but with the collapse of a year, the foundation of the dwarf sages who mastered this skill has disappeared.
Of course, some silver veins were born with this power. At the beginning, the dwarf sages created this skill because of the special ability of silver veins. But Thuram? Yin Xian doesn’t have this ability, otherwise he wouldn’t have thought Xu Fei was lying. Unless Xu Fei is a warlock with psychic powers, he can’t lie in front of Thuram.
Chen Kai and Thuram exchanged doubts in silence. Although Thuram is the dwarf king of lava city in the future, unfortunately, this dwarf king’s IQ is very problematic, or his political IQ is very problematic. He is actually more willing to study, such as hitting a hammer on the enemy’s head better or building a more beautiful weapon, rather than studying how much wheat it takes to grow an acre of land before the black dwarves in lava city can eat these problems. Actually, these things are handled by the old dwarf, so now Xu Fei is busy with the man named Mishra. Long? The bronze furnace old dwarf wandered around Berkner town, introducing the buildings in the city and the specialties of Berkner town. If there are any specialties, of course, the most important thing is to communicate with each other about possible trade issues.
Therefore, when Chen Kai was ready to talk to the silver-headed Thuram in front of him, he got a blank look. In this blank and knowing look, Chen Kai tried to control his emotions, but there was no doubt that he finally lost. If Su Wan didn’t end up with lunch, it was estimated that Chen Kai would be in Thuram. Silver is sharper than the look in the eyes and runs away directly from Thuram? Silver himself will feel very honored because his direct eyes scared a giant to run away.
However, when Su Wan brought the lunch to the table, whether it was Chen Kai or Thuram Silver Horse was attracted by the food on the table. Chen Kai lived on liquid broth. Although the physical consumption of the player would be reduced to a very low level when he was in a coma, you should know that Chen Kai was injured and needed a lot of nutrition to repair the injury. If Su Wan hadn’t kept feeding Chen Kai with broth during the trip, it is estimated that Chen Kai would have become the first player Lord to starve to death.
Of course, even if Su Wan kept feeding broth to Chen Kai for so many days, Chen Kai now has nothing left in his stomach. The only thing that makes him feel that players will not have physiological needs when they are in a coma, otherwise Chen Kai will be embarrassed. You know that players will have diarrhea when they eat bad things in the game, and they can have physiological excretion if they want to experience hygiene in the game. This function is triggered by Chen Kai. At the end, it is mandatory for many players to complain and suddenly want to go to the toilet. This feeling is extremely shameful, especially in the wild.
After constant complaints, the player finally won a little bit. He got the function of adjusting the physiological excretion option. Of course, in bloody mode, the player still can’t choose to cancel the physiological function option. The only option is to delay, for example, going to the toilet every few days. Of course, the longest is three to four days. Chen Kai chose three days, which is his luckiest place. If he chose two days, it is estimated that he would have pulled his pants by now.

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