"boom! !” It was the sound produced by the explosion of fireballs, but these fireballs didn’t hit Chen Kai’s body, but were chopped by the sword in Chen Kai’s hand. Looking from behind Chen Kai, it was that the sword in his hand was emitting a faint light, and the process of lifting and chopping was completed in less than one thousandth of a second. At that moment, two burning fireballs were cut directly from it, and the two fireballs split in half like cut apples, fell around in the middle and exploded at the same time.

However, the impact of all fire elements didn’t cause any harm to ll’s body. Because he split the sword before that, ll had disappeared from the original place. A more clear virtual shadow remained in the original place than before ll didn’t get violent, but his body had already appeared beside the felhunter more than ten meters away. Before the felhunter could react, the giant sword in his hand turned into a snake with fangs, and he opened his mouth to prepare to launch a spell and stabbed his head hard.
The giant sword condensed with quarrelling gathered magical power in the hellhound’s mouth in an instant, and then it broke out. The terrorist explosion directly exploded in the hellhound’s head, and his tongue and mouth were shattered. But this is not the most important thing. The most important thing is that the giant sword in Chen Kai’s hand not only smashed the spell at that moment, but also directly penetrated his mouth.
"ouch! ~ ~ "When Chen Kai penetrated this hellhound’s head, its other head gave a sad howl at the same time. Because the two heads of the hellhound are interlinked, when one head is injured, the other head will feel pain. When this hellhound howled in pain, its claws did not hesitate to pat Chen Kai’s body, but roared, but its claws took a slap at the moment, and it felt a heavy back when it slapped its claws.
When the Cerberus swept out of its claws, Chen Kai had already appeared in the back of the opponent’s body in a flash. The giant sword swept directly at the Cerberus and was stabbed in the head, but as before, even after being furious, his giant sword could cut the opponent’s head in the same way, and then the Cerberus jumped wildly in the same place, while the other two Cerberus also fired spells at Chen Kai, the body of the Cerberus.
However, their spells have no other effect except increasing the pain of their partners, because before that, Chen Kai had left the back of this hellhound and appeared beside it, raising his head and opening his mouth to release the spells. This hellhound has the marks that Chen Kai cut off from its left head. It was the first dog to attack Chen Kai, and it obviously felt the attack in front of itself, but before it bowed its head, Chen Kai’s huge sword directly pierced its neck.
Actually, it’s the neck, not the joint between the neck and the jaw. Although the whole body of the Cerberus is covered with thick skin scales, there is still a fragile place in its body, which was pierced by Chen Kai at the moment and almost directly penetrated.
Even if Chen Kai is in a violent state at the moment, he can still capture the explosion with a little body perception and vision, but soon he knows nothing. Although his spirit is strong enough, he finally has to hand over his body control to the violent fighting consciousness.
When Chen Kai’s main consciousness retreated and fell into a coma, his body was controlled by the fighting consciousness, and his fighting capacity broke out more forcefully. Although his appearance did not change much, his armor muscles became as swollen as Arno’s. The most important thing was that after piercing the jaws of this hellhound, his huge sword was quickly drawn out and the hilt directly struck its big mouth before another big mouth screamed.
With the help of power, this skill broke out, and the impact force exceeded half a ton. It was handed to the Cerberus’ head by the hilt, and the head was directly smashed to one side. Then the big mouth was cracked and swept into the roar by the giant sword, and the giant sword was driven by the terrible power to cut the tendons and muscles in the Cerberus’ mouth, and even directly split the jaw.
A moment and a half, the head of a Cerberus was blown up in Chen Kai’s attack. Although this Cerberus still has a head intact, this head has been pierced by Chen Kaiju’s sword, which is a serious injury. The only thing it can do at this moment is to struggle before dying. A Cerberus struggling wildly is terrible, but only if it can hit the target when attacking.
There is no doubt that for Chen Kai, the crazy Cerberus is not a threat, but a help, because even the same kind will be hit by it when he attacks crazily, and half of his head will be thrown out. The other Cerberus with a head injury will soon tell the same kind what is the most terrible thing. When it pounces on Chen Kai, it ignores the same kind, even if it sees the same kind, it will not dodge and directly hit it.
Almost at the time when the two Cerberus collided, Chen Kai’s huge sword had reached the third Cerberus. At the same time, a horror broke out in the hand of Andre, the master of the wall. It was more than one meter thicker than Guanghua, forming a flying dragon and attacking the death knight on the ground.
"The secret sword flies!" Originally, it was supposed to form a dragon image composed of quarrelling, but now it is completely composed of flash. This attack is much more than Andre’s attack on the hundred-eyed giant dragon half a month ago. However, that dragon is bigger than it is now, and at the same time, it contains flash power, which is even more terrifying. The two death knights rushed to the wall and surrounded them directly before the other side could react.
However, the flash wrapped in the death knight was earned by the power of terror and frost, and it flowed freely in the air, making a crackling sound. The weapons in the hands of the two death knights obviously broke away from the messy death force, which wrapped them in the flash. They paid a lot of money. Actually, if it was the original flying dragon, this would not happen. Although the flash flying dragon attack strengthened the attack effect of the flash element, it also killed the fighting spirit of the original flying dragon. The fighting spirit will directly explode after hitting the target. The flying dragon attack is not just a mystery. Confused also has the strength to strengthen the killing, which will eventually be launched with the help of Feilong’s mouth. But now Feilong’s attack should have been launched because Andre is not familiar with it, and the final attack has become to wrap the other person’s body to be continued.
The first volume Chapter 41 Roar! Dragon knights (14)
Looking at the crackling flash in front of him, Andre’s face doesn’t look good. He holds the weapon tightly, not only because he is angry, but also because he is dissatisfied with the weapon in his opponent’s hand, but because he is dissatisfied with his own weapon power.
In fact, this is the case. At this moment, the power of the blade that dominates the crime is reduced after Andre’s seal, but this is not the main reason why Andre’s weapon power is exerted. In the end, it is decided whether Andre will exert his own strength. The power that a good weapon can exert in the hands of a child is different from that of a soldier.
Although Andre is already very strong, he is still a little weak if he wants to exert the power of a hallows. If Andre has stepped into the level of the title sanctuary at this moment, then that flying dragon blow will never wrap the target after forming a flash, but will completely blow the other side into coke at the moment of hitting the target.
Holding the weapon tightly, Andre watched as he broke away from himself and attacked two death knights. The light in his eyes became brighter and brighter because he found that he broke away from himself and attacked the undead. Although the undead had no breath, his physical strength had been greatly weakened in Andre’s eyes of blessing the gods.
This weakening is not particularly obvious. If Andre does not carefully distinguish the roots, it is difficult to find that the two death knights on the opposite side are still emitting the death breath of horror frost power, but the blue frost on their feet has shrunk a little.
"It turns out that when your strength is getting weaker!" Andre smiled faintly at the corner of his mouth, and then a white flash dominated his hand. The blade was slowly raised and eventually turned into a flash.
"Then let me see who can make it to the end! It’s me ! Or you two guys who should be turned to ashes! ! !” Andre’s voice was quickly covered by the explosion of thunder, and a terrible thunder rushed straight to the wall. The death knight just recovered his ability to act.
"Boom!" The horror and thunder almost covered up all the players shouting and killing, and almost all the players could feel the metal armor handed over to them. The slight limp and static continuous flashing excitation filled the city wall with tiny streams, which were easily absorbed by the players’ metal armor and weapons, and then most of the time, these tiny streams were not felt by the players. However, with Andre constantly attacking large-scale and powerful flashes, more and more players felt the free stream in the air, and then their bodies felt numb and numb.
Some players who are close to each other can even see themselves waving their weapons with a long sword in the middle, but these streams are not only enemies, but also players themselves. Some players put up with the numbness in their hands and carelessly lost their weapons. Of course, players who lost their weapons quickly recovered their weapons, but they will be killed by the undead in a moment, because they lost all their weapons in the battle, which is not much different from suicide.
When Andre suddenly launched a terrorist force to attack the death knight, he became violent. Chen Kai was panting and beheaded the third hellhound with a giant sword. The last head of the third hellhound was lying around him on the ground. The bodies of the three hellhounds were not killed by his giant sword, but he also paid a great price for it. Although he felt no pain at all in the violent state, his only thought was just fighting.
At the moment, Chen Kaigen doesn’t need to consider any loss, because how many lives he lost, the wall above his head has been paying attention to the fighting situation. Bishop Ciszar will treat him with a violent posture. The only thing Chen Kai needs to consider is physical exhaustion, and the good bishop also helped him to restore an extreme recovery, ensuring that Chen Kai will not faint after five minutes of physical exhaustion. Will there be physical damage after Chen Kai? Consider whether Chen Kai’s identity as a traveler, Bishop Ciszar, and whether Chen Kai will hang up his consciousness later.
In his view, even if Chen Kai’s physical injury is serious according to the special effects of magical powers on travelers, he can recover from it or he can be saved on the spot. Therefore, under such circumstances, when Chen Kai was furious, Bishop Ciszar did not use Ma Anfu spells to calm Chen Kai down, but added bricks and tiles to him, which constantly enhanced Chen Kai’s fighting capacity. Ciszar also secretly blessed Chen Kai with the presence of the death squad while others were not paying attention, which made the sacred power surge, and Chen Kai’s power attribute increased by nearly 20% in ten minutes. When he made the power burst, the power exceeded.
It is with this blessing that Chen Kaicai can wield a giant sword to lift the Cerberus’ head and cut the other person’s head. At this moment, Chen Kaicai’s eyes are red and white fog is constantly spraying out from the helmet breathing port, which is caused by his heavy breathing. But when he straightened up, the armor body quickly moved again and pounced on a Cerberus who just jumped off the wall.
When the other party just looked up and prepared to give ll a fireball, its big mouth was poured into it by a thick giant sword, and then it happened, and then half of its head flew around again, just like so many times before.
In just one minute, a Cerberus with a level close to level 10 fell to Chen Kai’s sword, and Chen Kai blessed the ultimate recovery with nearly three minutes left, which means that he can kill at least three Cerberus in these three minutes. Of course, before that, he wouldn’t be dizzy and rush to Grusia or Roberta, but it seems that this situation will not happen because the wall jumped seven Cerberus when Chen Kai killed one Cerberus.
"Slice! ! !” The players who were preparing to support the wall around saw the Cerberus that surrounded Chen Kai completely. They thought that Chen Kai must be dead this time, but at this time, they vaguely heard a very low disdain. The soft voice seemed to mock the surrounding Cerberus, which naturally caused the other party’s anger. Fourteen heads fired spells at Chen Kai at the same time, and various elements such as wind, fire, water, poison and arcane constantly bombarded Chen Kaili’s position.
However, before these spells bombarded Chen Kai, a pair of golden wings suddenly showed up from behind Chen Kai, and a number of illusory energy to build feathers kept flying, which looked extremely gorgeous and beautiful. Some good players took this scene directly in the in-situ camera at this time. For the same reason, some players tried their best to find clues and asked their instructors if they wanted to learn the magic of fighting angel wings.
Of course, the blessing battle angel wing Chen Kai is not to play handsome, but to gain more power. Fighting angel wing can make Chen Kai gain more attribute points, even temporarily, and he is stronger than he is now. The surrounding gold has not yet fallen to the ground, and those swarming spells directly turn the golden energy feathers into light particles and Chen Kai shoots at the wings. Relatively speaking, the sputtering speed of green venom is the slowest, but even the slowest spell arrives before the wings are completely retracted.
However, when Mibi’s spell bombarded Chen Kai, Chen Kai didn’t move. At that time, he had already left the place where he was. It was just a virtual shadow. At this moment, Chen Kai appeared behind a hellhound, and his huge sword was shining with burning white light and launched a stab at the other’s ass.
The magic sword runs through the killing theory. When the creatures in the game are very close to the body of natural creatures, they inevitably have an extremely fragile place, even if their own tails cover this place, they can avoid the fact that it is a weakness. Therefore, when the giant sword in Chen Kai’s hand roared, it was very sharp and pierced this key, expanding the hole less than three centimeters into a wound more than ten centimeters thick and cutting off the tail directly.
"ouch! ! ~ ~ ~ ~ "The piercing howl sounded from the two heads of the Cerberus. Of course, there were spells bombarding the ground and exploding nearly two meters long. What did it feel like? Even if the ordinary Cerberus was nearly three meters long, there was also a feeling that at least one third of his body was dirty, and Chen Kai attached a grudge and ground it. Black and red blood was mixed with dirt and spit it out from the two big mouths of the Cerberus, but there was still no way to kill the other side or its two heads with such a serious injury. At the same time, they are cut down, or even if Chen Kai crushes their hearts, they can’t kill Cerberus by horse. They are strong enough to live for half an hour after losing their hearts, but they can’t live without their heads.
Pull out the giant sword with foul smell, and it burns with a burning white flame, and the eastern and western parts of the sword become ashes and drift away with a purple helmet. Chen Kai’s helmet is made of crystal, and the back of the eye socket emits scarlet light like a beast. Before the felhunter attacks again, his body directly rushes to the ass and seriously injures the felhunter’s giant sword, which directly penetrates into the crosscutting at the moment when the other side opens its mouth, and then kicks it on the side. The strength of another felhunter’s neck exceeds 600 kilograms, and the cervical vertebra of this kicked felhunter is almost about to be directly kicked off, and his head and his mouth
It’s not easy to attack two Cerberus Chen Kai at the same time, because his physical strength can’t bear the strength of thigh explosion. However, in the violent state, Chen Kai almost completely suppressed all the pain. The whole person is running like a robot, carrying out extremely precise attacks and saving every force in his body. Seven Cerberus growled and painful sounds almost continuously, and the golden healing power in the hands of Bishop Zhong Qisar did not fall to Chen Kai.
I’m not afraid of pain, I’m not afraid of being bitten, and I’m afraid that my arm will be bitten off and I won’t say anything. In half, I’m constantly shining therapeutic light to treat Bishop Chen Kaiqi Sal, who is extremely afraid of Chen Kai. Therefore, Chen Kai is even more terrible than Berserker the barbarian. Because Chen Kai hasn’t made a sound so far, although the barbarians are not afraid of pain, they will roar and sometimes the silent mob is far more terrible than the crazy barking dog. In half, Bishop Chisal was scared by Chen Kai when he killed the last hellhound. The body has long exceeded the limit of recovery, and the five-minute physical recovery limit. At the same time, his body is less broken, and his waist armor is broken in at least a dozen places, and he is directly torn into a large piece of intestines. However, ll still beheaded a head of a 60-level hellhound with a huge sword.
Although Chen Kai’s injury has been cured at the moment, but without the treatment of Bishop Ciszar, there should be three places where there is no physical package. For example, he should be torn off with armor and muscles. His left thigh should be bitten off, his right arm should be torn off, and a large piece of flesh and ass should be torn off.
Although Chen Kai is naked now, none of the players around him will laugh at him but feel deep fear, which is that even the soul is trembling and afraid. However, when Chen Kai slowly draws the giant sword inserted in the last hellhound, a spiritual comfort falls on him, and at the same time, there are advanced recovery and imprisonment. Chen Kai is almost paralyzed. At that moment, he directly lies in a pool of blood. If it is not for Bishop Ciszar’s cry, the players around him may think that Chen Kai is dead.
One person kills eleven hellhounds, even if three of them are in the seventh order, but they are not killed at the same time, which is enough to stop Chen Kai’s combat power ranking from the original slippery state and then quickly rise to a terrible height. You know, Chen Kaiqiu’s combat power ranking has fallen behind more than 100, but a day later, he rushed to the top ten again and then the horse was adjusted to the second place. Except for the western player on the top of his head, he still kept suppressing Chen Kai. Other players behind him were unable to shake Chen Kai’s ranking in front of the order.
At the same time, it is the consensus of all players who have watched the video of Chen Kai’s final killing of seven helldogs. Everyone thinks that Chen Kai’s violent state is really terrible. Seeing scarlet eyes through the crystal eyes of his helmet is the most admired picture of many players who have watched the video. Some people directly replaced the white crystal of his helmet with red, but the result of this practice is that many players’ combat effectiveness has dropped.
Of course, when Chen Kai was carried away from the battlefield by the players, his mentor Bass was still in a bitter struggle. Arno and Grusia were locked in a fight, which made Bass unable to get support. He was able to hold up Roberta, a stubborn resister of Rapier, and bear the opponent’s attack like a meat target, which was Bass’s most humbled place.
"Hoo ~ ~ Hoo ~!" Bass’s breathing is extremely heavy, like an old bellows. At this moment, he has taken Roberta hundreds of meters away from the city. Of course, this is not his initiative, but his forced retreat. The advantage of staying away from the city wall is that he can attack without fear of hurting the players around him. The disadvantage is that the farther away from the city wall, the less support he gets. When the distance is more than 500 meters away from the city wall, Ron and Bishop Ciszar will give him a magical blessing. When the distance is more than 100 meters, the number of players around him will decrease a lot.
However, Buzz’s move made the Bones Demon outside the city wall feel extremely depressed, because he found that the situation was a little out of his control at the moment. Roberta was too far away from the city wall, so far away that he used to use his tactics after the arrangement. At the same time, he also found that many Cerberus dogs that were originally prepared to use special means were killed, and now half of them are left.
"Can’t go like this! Start before! Even without those two helldogs, I think it should be enough! Damn it, guys, have a taste of me. Get ready for a big present! I think you will like this gift! " Latamius’ mind was ablaze with soul fire, and the controlled dwarven undead spellcasters rushed to the edge of the city wall, and a huge magic circle appeared on the city wall again, but this time the sacrifice was not the demon Lord, but something else was prepared in advance.
In less than three minutes, a 100-square-meter white bone magic circle appeared in front of the city wall. Andre naturally saw this magic circle, but he was blocked by two death knights, and he felt that the magic circle was much smaller than last time and would not summon such things as a hundred-eyed giant.

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