"There is no limit to all your secrets."

Nodded his head, and he had nothing to do.
Let’s go to Longye and call Feng Liuli up. "Then I’ll decorate a blue city for you. There is a buried tower near this place. This tower comes from the three major schools in the Fengyuan area. However, this tower was destroyed by a cracked seat a few years ago. I hope you can take people to the location of this buried tower to thoroughly excavate the remains, and don’t miss a wreck of the whole building."
"Boss, how do you know that the cracked seat was destroyed?" Wind coloured glaze has no heart but noticed other places.
"I was traveling there and saw it with my own eyes."
"Wow, boss, you are so handsome. Have you ever seen a real crack seat? How handsome is it? Handsome or not … "
"You will know when you meet yourself, and it’s not good to keep a secret. You just have to ensure that every piece of debris is shipped back." Longye hurriedly waved his hand after saying that.
Chapter 191 Come on, Xiao Gang!
Chapter 191 []
Just as Longye was preparing to go to Fengyuan area, a call forced him to leave Manchuria and come to Nibi City.
Before the fire rock attack, I didn’t call Longye this time. It was Aunt Xiaomi, that is, Xiao Gang, a somewhat unreliable mother.
Aunt Xiaomi told Longye that Wu Neng realized her dream of becoming a stronger trainer a few months ago and left Nibi Dojo. She was very angry that Wu Neng was irresponsible, so she also decided to run away from home to find Wu Neng.
It’s really admirable to think of such wonderful reasons, but fortunately, Aunt Xiaomi remembers her ten children, and both husband and wife will have to rely on Xiaogang to support themselves after they leave Nibi Dojo. Not only that, he also has to take care of nine brothers and sisters, which is really a great burden for Xiaogang, who is fourteen years old.
Because I was worried that Daerfa would insist on going to Xiaomi, I thought of often connecting with Xiaogang. Longye is Xiaogang’s friend and a big boss of the company. Xiaomi thought it would be no problem to ask him to help Xiaogang.
When making this call, Xiaomi had left Nibi City. After hearing the news, Longye had to get to Xiaogang’s house as quickly as possible. Although he knew for a long time that this would happen to Wu Neng and Xiaomi, an unreliable couple, he didn’t expect it to happen so quickly.
Now Xiaogang is, after all, 14 years old, and Longye is worried that he can’t accept the sudden change. Since Longye first went to Nibi Dojo to challenge Xiaogang, they have always had close friends. At this time, Longye naturally won’t stand by.
When Longye arrived at Xiaogang’s home, his brothers and sisters were crying. At this age, they suddenly couldn’t see their parents crying. It is certain that Xiaogang was at a loss to take care of his crying brothers and sisters, but he didn’t know what to do to see Xiaogang now. It is hard to imagine that he would become a man proficient in all kinds of families in a few years.
"There you are, Longye." Xiaogang ran to him immediately after seeing Longye. "Did my mother tell you when she would come back?"
Longye shook his head slightly and Xiaogang seemed to have lost his last support and sat down on the ground.
Although Xiaogang is weak now, Longye admires him very much. If he didn’t come by himself, Xiaogang would take care of his brother and sister and manage the Taoist temple alone, and his will would be as hard as a stone because of these things.
"Now it’s not to say that you should coax your brothers and sisters first," said Longye.
Longye finally woke up Xiao Gang, who was still crying. Xiao Gang finally got up again. He came to the kitchen and wanted his brothers and sisters to prepare food, but he had never touched the kitchen before. He seemed to be in a hurry for a while but didn’t do anything well.
Longye, he also has limited experience in cooking. It’s ok to make a living by himself, but now Xiaogang’s younger brother and sister will definitely not make a living with him. But Longye has a unified man. Although the things he makes are not so good, the food he makes is delicious.
At what time did Long Wildflower exchange food suitable for children in the system? Thanks to his efforts with Xiaogang, these children finally stopped crying and eating.
In order to adapt Xiaogang to the present situation, Longye did not leave immediately, but stayed here with Xiaogang.
Two days later, the neighbors already knew the situation of Xiaogang’s family. They are all old neighbors of Xiaogang’s family. These people are enthusiastic to help reduce the great burden of Xiaogang and Longye. These neighbors have rich practical experience in taking care of children.
With the help of neighbors, Longye and Xiaogang finally stabilized the situation. After a month, everything was the same as that of the Wuneng couple except that sometimes the children would miss their parents and cry. This change also made Xiaogang breathe a sigh of relief.
During this period, the biggest pressure was Xiao Gang’s taking care of his brother and sister at home, which made him breathless for a time.
"Thanks to you, Longye, otherwise I don’t know what to do," Xiao Gang sighed at the side of Longye, sitting on the threshold.
"You’re welcome to say that, but we’ve known each other for years. Of course I’ll help you if you have something." Longye patted each other on the shoulder and said, "Now your brother and sister are fine, but what are you going to do at the Dojo?"
"You don’t worry about this." Xiao Gang gave me a confident smile. Maybe he didn’t know what to do before taking care of his younger brother and sister, but he was experienced in elf fighting. "It was not difficult for my father to leave him in the Taoist temple when he left, and it was not difficult for me to directly cultivate a big rock snake to take over the Taoist temple."
Think about it, Longye. Xiaogang’s Great Rock Snake has been cultivated for almost four years. Considering Xiaogang’s talent in caring for elves, the Great Rock Snake is strong enough to overcome the challenge of Dojo Hall.
"Have you ever thought about letting the big rock snake evolve into a big steel snake?"
Xiao Gang shook his head. "The Great Rock Snake is really stronger in strength, but our Dojo is a rock Dojo. If the Great Rock Snake evolves into a Great Rock Snake, it will lose its rock properties. That’s not the case. When I stop worrying about the Dojo, I will consider the evolution of the Great Rock Snake. Now I can be the first to wronged a great rock snake."
"Now that you’ve decided, it’s good." Longye said and took out an elf ball from his pocket. "Your birthday is coming soon. This is my gift to you. Here is an armored rhinoceros that I collected in the wild Yuan Ye area when I was traveling. This is a serious rock elf. I hope you can take good care of it."
Xiao Gang quickly waved his hand. "How can I ask you for such an expensive gift?"
Longye forced the elf ball into Xiaogang’s hand. "I will give it to you because I believe you will take good care of it, and this armored rhinoceros is not just for you. Uncle Wuneng is not here now, Nibi Dojo can rely on you alone, but I think your brother Jiro will probably take over your responsibility to train this armored rhinoceros well. When Jiro is ten years old, he can give this armored rhinoceros as a gift to your brother. I remember that when you were ten years old, Uncle Wuneng gave you this big rock snake, and your brother certainly hoped to receive such a gift.
Xiaogang glanced back at Jiro, who was wiping his body for the Great Rock Snake. Jiro’s eyes were full of love for the elves. Jiro will be ten years old this year. Xiaogang really thought about it in Yojiro.
Xiaogang solemnly accepted the elf ball handed over by Longye. He seriously said, "No matter whether this armored rhinoceros will be given to Jiro in the future, I will take care of it like a big rock snake."
"I believe you when you say this!" Longye nodded his head. Longye really rarely gave it to others. Elves can count it. They gave it to Xiao Zhi and Gary Oak, Magikarp. This time, Longye gave Xiaogang the armored rhinoceros. It was also well thought out. After all, he already had a huge super Tyrannosaurus rex in his hand. This armored rhinoceros root could not play in battle.
It is better to let it stay at home in Zhenxin Town than to let it follow Xiaogang, so that this armored rhinoceros will find its own value. If it can become Jiro’s first elf, it will be much better in the future than staying in Zhenxin Town.
Longye has been in Nibi for more than a month, and there are other things. Naturally, he can’t stay in Nibi all the time. Now Xiaogang’s life has returned to a relatively stable state, and I believe that Xiaogang can handle the following things himself.
"Xiao Gang, call me if you have anything after I leave."
"hurry up and do your own thing. I am very grateful to you for being with me for so long. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have survived at all."

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