"It’s so unruly!"

The gods talked about it one after another, while Loki waved to them to be quiet.
"Are you all idiots? This guy is the one you talked about at the beginning, the one who confessed to my child Rivera."
"oh? !”
Accompanied by Loki’s words, all the gods showed a look of interest and watching good plays, and they began to wonder what Ye Yu was doing here.
"You must have been beaten by Loki for dating Rivera, and then you felt angry and came to question yourself?"
"What a brave boy! I’m optimistic about you!"
"Do you want to consider a family? Don’t hang yourself in a tree!"
In the face of the anger of the gods, Ye Yu froze in place for a moment. Did he suddenly feel that he was thinking too much?
The gods of this world … seem to be a group of funny people.
What do you want to think about and compare theory with this group?
Ye Yu suddenly felt a sense of force and didn’t know what to say there at the moment.
Loki, on the other hand, is a little dissatisfied with his tongue, not because all the gods are funny. Although they have lost their majesty when they live in the border, God will still show his majesty when he is in his own interests
When Ye Yu appeared, these gods would behave in such a way that they just wanted to watch the fun. Anyway, with their own family, can they still see the jokes of Loki, the most powerful family of Olali?
"You bastards don’t add to the confusion. Shut up if you don’t understand the situation!"
Loki couldn’t help shouting angrily at the gods around him, but the gods didn’t care. They continued to laugh and laugh, and the whole hall was full of happy atmosphere.
"Well, it’s enough to joke to this extent. You still have to bear the charge of trespassing on the meeting of the gods by the teenagers over there. It’s said that you or Hessia, the god who didn’t teach you well, must be punished!"
A male god suddenly said this, and his majestic voice echoed in the hall, making the rest of the gods quiet.
"Jokes are jokes. The meeting is still going on. Get him out and get ready to enter a program. Start the naming ceremony."
Another god said this, but for a long time there was no response.
After all, there are gods in the middle of the conference hall. As ordinary people, no one naturally moves to drive Ye Yu out.
And guard outside also has been no news. It should be solved by Ye Yu conveniently.
"Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, Perhaps it also has some inspiration for us. "
"After all, this is the first time in hundreds of years that such a daring adventurer has come to the gods alone. I think we can make an exception, don’t you think?"
With a refreshing faint fragrance, the goddess of silver hair doesn’t know when she is behind Ye Yu, and her hands are close to him, and her whole chest is stuck up.
"Freya poked her head out from Ye Yu’s shoulder with a s-curve smile, which made the men and women in the field feel trance."
Freya’s beauty is a seductive beauty regardless of gender, and it has a unique temperament that makes people or gods fall.
On the podium, Loki frowned slightly and his expression was uncertain.
Freya, this guy … She doesn’t see the child as Ye Yu, does she?
"I think what Freya said is very reasonable. We should give this brave young man a chance. Come on, speak out what you want before the gods. If it is love and declare war on Loki’s family, then our department is your witness!"
A male god said with such a serious face that the word "declaration of war" made God in the place slightly one leng.
"Declare war on Loki’s family?"
"War games … this is fun."
"How long has it been since Loki’s dependents received the challenge of war games, or how long has it been since they lost in war games?"
"Hey, do you want to declare war! We are all your witnesses. "
The gods once again clamored for Ye Yu, while Loki was staring at Ye Yu with his hands in his arms.
Son of a bitch, I hope you’d better not do anything stupid.
"No … I won’t launch a war game against Loki’s family. I won’t force a girl I like to leave her family by such means. I’m here today to ask you gods to abolish a rule that members of different families can’t marry!"
In the expectation of the gods, Ye Yu opened his mouth with a faint smile, and the whole hall was suddenly stunned, including Freya, who was behind Ye Yu, because of the bold declaration of the other party.
Abolish the rule that members of different families cannot marry? !
Are you kidding? Once this rule is abolished, isn’t everything out of order?
Not to mention the problem of children, it is a matter of husband and wife becoming a family and two family adventurers. Which family should they belong to after marriage? !
Husband and wife are a family and want to live together. However, members of their families are also a family and want to live together.

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