The frost, which sounded like a sonic boom, danced in the air, solidified quickly and then broke apart.

Kel ‘Thuzad was slightly stupefied, and her attack was blocked by something.
“ra………RaGEEEEEEEEEYAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaa! ! !” Growling is hardly a human language.
The brown light bloomed in front of Louis OS and then appeared to block this attack beast.
It’s hard to imagine that a woman’s body is full of restraints. It’s a woman monster with disheveled gray hair standing on end and screaming constantly. Suddenly, her arms are tied and her arms are broken and she leans back, and she screams even more.
"You bastard, am I being butchered? Wake up … Lord Yaeger, kill them for me!"
Barking at Louis OS, clutching his broken arm, he got up.
For the sudden emergence of Spirit level devil Naisha Naisha showed some interested expression.
If you want to add a ranking higher than one, then Spirit will be at the top of the three strongest clans in the Huting, while the other two clans are relatively equal. This is not a question of fighting ability, but because the birthplace of human beings in Spirit is bound to be born in this unknown world. Therefore, if you want to kill Spirit, you must have a secret skill that can destroy the limited world, otherwise it will be impossible.
However, Spirit is also divided into high and low grades. For example, the demon king Yarger in front of him is not pure Spirit, but has fallen to a level of enslaved gods
You can know what a ridiculous thing it is to refer to such a thing as a god who is hanged by Ye Yu to play snake god.
Chapter 194 death pact
"Ha, ha, ha, this is because you asked for it. If you don’t want the pure blood of the dragon, you will be able to jump at will. Of the three strongest families, you are just the one with the lowest mystery!"
Although I have been telling myself in my heart that there is nothing to be afraid of, although the two women in front of me are very powerful, one of them may be a pure blood, but he is still sure of winning.
Yourself is the strongest trump card of Spirit level demon king. It is possible that the other party is pure blood. Maybe it is to scare yourself.
If it’s an ordinary dragon, then she’s definitely no match for Yaeger!
"It’s really interesting? When did I say that I want to make moves? I don’t care to deal with ants like you! "
"Arrogant guy pay the price! Don’t worry, I won’t kill you! Your perfect goods will be as popular as this little vampire here, right? I will break her limbs and humiliate her wonderful body! "
Touching his whole broken arm, Luis’ face became more cruel than.
"Oh, Keke, it seems that he is still obsessed with you. I really didn’t realize that your type would be so popular with women."
Kel ‘Thuzad’s head is slightly tilted, as if to show a distressed expression, but even so, there is still no serious expression fluctuation on her face.
"What should the master do now?"
"In the name of the scourge of sanctions"
The smile faded from Naisha Naisha’s cold face, so she immediately turned around to leave the hall.
As you wish, your will is everything.
Immediately Kel ‘Thuzad turned his head again to look at the huge monster in front of him.
“raGYAAAAAaaaaaa! !” Roaring and screaming, she rushed towards Kel ‘Thuzad. The woman, the "Lord Yargel", froze her legs with a sudden freeze, making her fall to the ground with a bang.
Shi Zhuan’s knee exploded with radioactivity, and the crazy devil roared again, but this time the sound was a cry.
"The community" Poerxiusi "will punish you in the name of the Natural Disaster Corps!"
The four characters of the Scourge let Luis, who had almost fallen into madness, wake up for a moment. When the memory searched by the residual reason tells Luis when these four words represent when it is too late.
Lacquered black contract documents fell down from the sky without redundant information, and the whole contract document was written with the word’ death’ with a bloody look.
Bring disaster! Bring death! Bring destruction! No mercy! Unreasonable! Distinguish right from wrong! The strongest demon community natural disaster corps in the third outer layer of the box court!
Yourself … Provoked this in? At a loss, Louis OS even forgot to continue to command the devil to attack.
The black contract document continued to fall as if it could not stop the downpour, and then a crisp click rang in Kel ‘Thuzad’s palm.
Kel ‘Thuzad’s hand is claw-shaped, but her hand is disordered and dark. Obviously, she just moved and crushed the palm directly.
Maybe it’s not surprising to make such a small crush in the palm of your hand, even if Louis OS drives the demon king Yargel to do it, but Kel’ Thuzad is a mage and obviously not the type to make brute force fight.
"Frost … Nova!"
Whispering soon, the humble ice hockey gradually expanded in her palm, accompanied by black silk threads as dense as cobwebs
That’s fragmentation. It’s not simple. It’s not normal. The dark crack has been completely covered with frost. It was abruptly opened by frost!
It’s freezing. You have to wait for the low temperature to open this place!
Kel ‘Thuzad Frost Nova is a miracle!
A moment of white mixed with darkness completely erased "Poerxiusi" from this box.

Although it is daytime, the sky outside 26745 is covered with lacquer black.
Covering the sky is not dark clouds or birds, but countless black contracts represent the game contracts given by the possessed king!
"What happened?"
Is preparing to go to the "call eye" in the tenth department stationed in 26745 outside the community "Poerxiusi" headquarters, several people have stopped.
The original black rabbit is going to negotiate here alone, but whether it is Ye Yu or Izayoi, he is worried that the black rabbit will take it hard to agree to the other party’s gift request at the moment, and several people will come together.
With Shiro Yasha’s help, he successfully passed the boundary gate and came to the fifth outer layer, but looking at the scene of the outer gate of the fifth outer layer, everyone was silent for a moment.
Lacquered black contract documents float from the sky like a never-ending downpour, with the breath of despair and death.
Every demon king has a different code of conduct, and when the demon king provokes the gift game, he will inevitably spill a contract challenge.
This is the rule of sandplay. Although the devil has the right to launch a gift game at will, he still violates this rule.
And the fluctuation of the number of contract documents can well reflect the strength of provoking the game devil.
This level of gift game, this desperate power breath can not help but arouse the great fear in the black rabbit’s heart again
The once destroyed hometown was destroyed, and the fragmented community, everything was repeated in the black rabbit’s mind with this flying contract.
"Black rabbit! Black rabbit, are you okay? What’s wrong with you, black rabbit? !”
The bird was worried about shaking the body of the black rabbit, while on the other side, Izayoi picked up a painted black contract and suddenly appeared in his eyes with’ death’.
"What does it say?"
"It’s not a pleasant message …"
Izayoi said with a wry smile, and immediately showed all the contract documents in his hand. Looking at the word’ death’ all over the whole document, everyone was silent.
Chapter 195 Reunion of old friends
The devil is a phenomenon in the sandhouse, which happens in a certain class of sandhouse every once in a while.
It seems that the high-level rulers of the Hutong don’t care about this phenomenon, or that the appearance of the devil just makes them talk about life and have something to amuse themselves.
Devil’s attack is nothing unusual, but the scale attack like this, which is almost all over the outer door, is somewhat exaggerated. It is enough to alarm the class dominators.
It is Shiro Yasha who dominates the East Side class. I wonder if she has got the news now.
"Hey, black rabbit, don’t be scared there for no reason. You haven’t told us what it is."
Immersed in the painful memories of the past, the black rabbit was awakened by Izayoi’s words and immediately looked up with some bitterness.
"I’m sorry … I remembered some sad things. This is a contract document, which represents that the devil has launched a gift game."
"Devil’s game, but … what is this game? Is it full of the word’ death’?"
Izayoi was surprised when she said this. When she saw the contract document, she fell silent.

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